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This comic was previously only available on the second Lucerna Comics zine and for a while for my Tapastic Support Program backers.

I didn’t want to publish it before ending the current chapter, but it’s going so slowly that I’m just gonna do it now before it gets too old.

The main comic will be back this month, I hope!

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Yesterday’s children

Hey, people! Just letting you know that I will be uploading this short story while I work on the second issue of my comics magazine.

This is the first Lucerna Comics Zine special, featuring kid Elliot, his family and dinosaurs. I have retouched it for web publishing.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. The main storyline will resume afterwards :).

Be right back!

The comic will be back as soon as my arm is better. Thank you all for your patience!

Art is by the lovely and talented Romana <3

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