This is a story my sister Daniela and I decided to create. Originally we wanted to make a Flash animated short cartoon. It is still our project, but for now I decided to play a little bit with the characters and make this webcomic. This way even if we never end up animating the story, at least it will not be completely lost.

(This is actually my second attempt at making this story happen. You can still visit the old website if you want to see some old art and early pages).

I’m not a native English speaker so expect (and please forgive)¬†occasional¬†language mistakes. Feel free to send me corrections if I screw up too much. I would totally appreciate the help.

Many thanks go to my friend Deji for helping me with the website and hosting it, and to my dear Ranny for always helping me with my lame English. Without them this site wouldn’t even exist.


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