Tartarus is a small satellite orbiting the Mother Planet Gaia, the same way all the other Gaia’s hundreds of satellites do. It is not officially inhabited. People hardly ever mention it, and when they do, they refer to it as the ‘storage moon’.

Tartarus is the place where the Gaian Empire dumps everything it doesn’t need anymore, from old stuff and garbage to actual people. Everyone who causes trouble to the Empire, everyone without a place to belong, end up being exiled to Tartarus. Because nobody ever leaves Tartarus. Nobody ever goes there on their own free will. It’s the land of the forgotten ones.

Violet, a ten years old girl, has been exiled to Tartarus for causing too much trouble and being too young to be put in a real jail. Why did she cause so much trouble? What will she do now that she’s away from everyone and everything she knows? Will she have to stay there forever?

And most important… what will she find there? What kinds of people will she meet?

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